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Trouble Hearing? It May Be Time For a Hearing Assessment

Hearing naturally declines as we age, but hearing loss could also be caused by exposure to loud noises over time. Maybe you think everything is fine, but a friend or loved one mentioned you should get your hearing checked. Sound like you? It may be time for a hearing assessment. Read on to learn how Dr. Vandana Kumra of ENT New York can help.

Causes of hearing loss

Hearing loss can be caused by things at home, at work, or in your social life. Here are some examples:

Signs of hearing loss

Are you missing out on parts of a conversation with a friend when you’re in a crowded place like a restaurant? Is it hard for you to understand what people say sometimes? Have you been turning up the volume on your TV or radio lately? These are all signs you may have some hearing loss. Here are a few more:

Many people will suffer a hearing loss in their lifetime, but there are ways to treat it and improve your quality of life. The first step is getting a hearing test to find out where you stand. 

What to expect during a hearing assessment

A hearing test is painless, and should only take about a half-hour. Dr. Kumra talks with you about your health history and physically examines your ear before testing your hearing. 

You may wear headphones and listen for high- or low-pitched sounds or listen to voices in different noisy settings. These tests aren’t a pass/fail. Instead, they simply reveal how much hearing loss you have in each ear. Your results may show anywhere from mild to moderate to severe or profound hearing loss. If you need a hearing aid to improve your hearing, don’t despair. They’ve come a long way over the years and are undetectable devices that dramatically improve your hearing.

Ready to get your hearing checked? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Kumra in our Manhattan office today. Use our online booking tool or call 646-859-6136.

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