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Common Allergens To Know About

Do you have a runny nose? How about itchy, watery eyes? These are just a few signs of allergies. Keep reading to see which allergens people often react to and what could be triggering your symptoms.

Dec 1st, 2021
When Should You Have Your Adenoids Removed?

Do you have chronic ear infections? Are you struggling to sleep or breathe? These are just a few signs of an adenoid problem. Keep reading to learn more about these tiny glands and when they should get removed.

Nov 2nd, 2021
What Causes Chronic Ear Infections

Do you or someone you love wrestle with chronic or recurring ear infections? These types of infections can cause pain and discomfort and even put your hearing at risk. Keep reading to learn about this persistent ear problem.

Oct 5th, 2021
Avoid Swimmer’s Ear This Summer

Are you spending more time in the water or struggling with the humidity this summer? It doesn’t have to leave you with a painful and itchy ear infection. Keep reading to learn how to beat the heat while avoiding this common problem.

Aug 8th, 2021
Myths and Facts About Allergies

Allergy season is in full swing. Don’t let your symptoms get in the way of a good time outside. Read on to discover some common myths and facts about allergies.

Jul 4th, 2021
What Can Your Doctor Discover During a Hearing Exam?

Routine hearing exams are not only important for monitoring your hearing, but they could also lead to the discovery of an underlying condition. Read on to see what your doctor can find during a hearing exam.

Jun 6th, 2021
A Closer Look at Your Vocal Cords

Did you know that your vocal cords do more than allow you to speak? They have other responsibilities that you may not know about. Read on to take a closer look at your vocal cords.

May 13th, 2021
Different Types of Hearing Loss

Did you know that hearing loss can occur in more ways than one? Read on to learn about the different types of hearing loss and how each of them can affect you.

Apr 12th, 2021
Vocal Problems: How a Medical Evaluation Can Help

Vocal problems can hinder many aspects of everyday life, from basic communication to swallowing. If you’re noticing changes in your voice or pain in your throat, read on to see how an evaluation can help.

Mar 9th, 2021
What Causes a Mass in the Neck?

Finding a mass in your neck can be scary, but it isn’t always cause for panic. Read on to learn about what causes neck masses and when to be worried.

Feb 10th, 2021
Am I a Good Candidate for Sinus Surgery?

Do you always have a stuffy nose or get sinus headaches often? Sinus surgery could help you feel better. Learn more about this common surgery and if it’s a good option for you.

Jan 8th, 2021
The Many Benefits of a Voice/Throat Evaluation

Does it sound like rocks are rattling when you talk? Do you have a bump on your throat, or pain when you swallow? Find out what health conditions affect your voice and throat, what to watch for, and when it’s time to see a specialist.

Dec 1st, 2020
What to Expect During Allergy Testing

Do you have itchy and watery eyes, itchy skin, or other allergy symptoms but aren’t sure what you’re allergic to? Read on to learn how allergy testing can help and what to expect at your appointment.

Nov 1st, 2020
How to Tell if Your Child Has an Ear Infection

Ear infections are very common in young children. They may not be able to tell you their ear hurts, so learn to spot the symptoms so you can get them to the doctor and help them feel better fast.

Oct 5th, 2020
Treatment Options for Goiters

Have you been diagnosed with a goiter? Learn more about this abnormal enlargement of the thyroid gland and why it’s important to get the right treatment.

Aug 10th, 2020
The Plan To Reopen

Our office will be reopening in the upcoming weeks. You can start to book your appointments!

May 1st, 2020
Is Sleep Apnea Dangerous?

Sleep apnea can be dangerous if not treated. Learn more about this common condition and what to look for so you don’t put your life at risk.

Apr 10th, 2020
Top Signs of a Deviated Septum

If you have trouble breathing out of one side of your nose, you could have a deviated septum. Learn more about this common condition and how an ear, nose, and throat doctor can help.

Mar 4th, 2020
Pain in Your Teeth? It Could Be Your Sinuses

The winter season brings plenty of germs with it, and sinus infections can lead to nasty toothaches. Before you head to the dentist, consider whether your toothache is really rooted in your teeth. Or does the issue lie with your sinuses?

Jan 1st, 2020
Here’s How GERD Affects Your Throat

The recurrent acid indigestion that comes with gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s damaging. Find out what persistent GERD can do to your throat — and why you should take steps to prevent it.

Dec 2nd, 2019
What to Expect From Sinus Surgery

Are you prepared for your sinus surgery? Here are the ins and outs of the procedure, how to prepare for the surgery, and what your recovery will be like.

Nov 7th, 2019
What Happens If Your Thyroid Is Out of Balance?

When your thyroid is not working correctly, you can experience many negative consequences, such as depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, and other symptoms. Proper treatment can help restore thyroid health and minimize these symptoms.

Aug 1st, 2019
What is a Neck Mass?

If you've got a lump or mass in your neck, get it checked out right away! Some of the many possible causes of such a lump are benign, but others could signal serious health problems.

Jul 16th, 2019
Stinging Insect Allergies: Get the Facts

Although stinging insect allergies can strike at any time, warm weather and time spent outside increases your exposure to them. Here's what you need to know about stinging insect allergies.

Jun 20th, 2019
Who Should Have a Hearing Assessment?

Do you find yourself unable to hear what people are saying in a busy restaurant? Are you worried your child may be having difficulties with hearing? A simple hearing assessment can shed some valuable light.

Apr 4th, 2019
Get a Jump Start on Preventing Spring Allergy Flare-Ups

Are spring breezes resulting in a rush of sneezes? If you’re tired of a runny nose and watery eyes every time you go outside, try these tips for reducing pollen exposure, preventing allergy flare-ups, and treating symptoms.

Mar 1st, 2019
Myths and Facts About Balloon Sinuplasty

Chronic sinusitis is often misdiagnosed, underdiagnosed, and challenging to treat. If you think you’ve run out of options for getting relief, talk to us about balloon sinuplasty, an effective treatment for chronic sinusitis.

Feb 7th, 2019
How Long Do Allergy Shots Take to Work?

Are you curious about allergy shots but wondering how long they take to work? There's a very important reason that allergy shots take longer to relieve symptoms than allergy meds. Find out what it is and how long allergy shots take to work here.

Jan 18th, 2019
3 Signs Your Child May Need Ear Tubes

Has your child been plagued by painful, distressing ear infections throughout the first months and years of their life? These ear issues can interfere with the development of language if left untreated, and it may be time for you to consider tubes.

Dec 21st, 2018
Could You Have Sleep Apnea and Not Know it?

The signs of sleep apnea can be very subtle. In fact, many men and women have apnea without even realizing it, leaving them at greater risk for serious medical problems. Learn the signs you should be looking for so you can get the treatment you need.

Nov 26th, 2018
Are You a Candidate for Balloon Sinuplasty?

Balloon Sinuplasty (BSP) is a minimally invasive procedure with quick recovery times and fast, lasting relief from chronic sinusitis. This is why many patients prefer BSP over traditional sinus surgery. However, not everyone is a candidate for BSP.

Oct 31st, 2018
8 Signs Your Child May be Suffering From a Hearing Loss

Your child blasts the TV and has to be called multiple times before they come to dinner. Sure, kids rebel and drag their heels, but that may not behind your child’s behavioral changes. These and other signs may indicate it’s time for a hearing test.

Sep 19th, 2018
What is Immunotherapy and Can it Cure My Allergies?

Immunotherapy can’t cure your allergies, but it may eventually make you forget you have them. Discover the benefits of immunotherapy and how it can put your allergies in remission and may prevent new ones from developing.

Aug 17th, 2018
How to Prevent and Treat Swimmer’s Ear

When it’s summer, kids live at the swimming pool — as well as, with many of their parents. However, life in the water can lead to a painful condition known as swimmer’s ear. Read on to learn how to avoid this summertime damper.

Jul 13th, 2018