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What to Expect from a Hearing Evaluation

What to Expect from a Hearing Evaluation

No one looks forward to taking a test, especially when it has to do with your health and wellness. However, hearing evaluations are the best way to identify and treat hearing changes, including hearing loss. 

Hearing loss is a common problem impacting around 48 million adults in the United States and nearly half of those over 65. However, most don’t realize that many types of hearing loss respond to treatment — and you can prevent many of them.

Dr. Vandana Kumra offers comprehensive hearing examinations and evaluations at ENT New York in Manhattan. These assessments determine what’s behind your hearing changes and connect you with the tools to improve, manage, and protect your hearing moving forward.

Do you have a hearing evaluation on the horizon? Here’s what you can expect from this appointment.

How a hearing evaluation works

You’ve likely had a hearing test at some point in your life where you wore a pair of headphones and raised a hand each time you heard a tone. A hearing evaluation goes beyond this standard test and looks for specific issues, including the presence, type, and severity of hearing loss.

During your appointment, Dr. Kumra discusses your medical and hearing history, exposure to loud sounds, and any medications you may take. Then, she examines both your outer and inner ears to visually look for things that can disrupt hearing, including:

Although the idea of someone looking inside your ears sounds uncomfortable, the entire process is quick, easy, and painless. 

What to expect from a hearing evaluation

Dr. Kumra can often discuss your results immediately. Based on your exam, she can explain what it means for your hearing and the best steps moving forward. Since hearing changes can occur for various reasons, treatment plans vary depending on the cause.

Common methods for treating hearing-related issues include:

Dr. Kumra also offers strategies to protect your hearing moving forward, like avoiding exposure to loud sounds. Believe it or not, even sounds like heavy city traffic, motorcycles, and symphonies can put you at risk of permanent hearing damage.

The most important thing is to recognize changes in your hearing and talk to an expert if they arise. Some causes are temporary, like excessive earwax. But others can lead to irreversible problems.

Have you noticed changes in your hearing? Contact ENT New York to schedule a hearing evaluation with Dr. Kumra in Manhattan today.

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