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What to Expect from an Allergy Consultation

What to Expect from an Allergy Consultation

Allergies may be a widespread problem, but that doesn’t make them easier to live with. It can also be tricky to identify the source of your reaction. Fortunately, an allergy consultation can remove the guesswork from the situation so you can find the best course of action to relieve your discomfort once and for all.

As a skilled ear, nose, and throat specialist, Dr. Vandana Kumra sees people plagued by sinus troubles regularly. For many, allergies are behind their nasal problems, and Dr. Kumra can find out for sure.

Whether you suspect allergies are triggering your symptoms or have no idea what’s to blame, an allergy consultation can help. Here’s what you can expect from these assessments with Dr. Kumra at ENT New York in Manhattan.

How an allergy consultation works

No one looks forward to a barrage of medical tests, but allergy screenings are straightforward and painless.

Your visit with Dr. Kumra begins with an extensive conversation about your symptoms, including how long you’ve had them and what you were doing when they started. Dr. Kumra also asks questions about your medical history and if you have close relatives with allergies or asthma.

After learning about your symptoms, Dr. Kumra often performs a physical exam to assess your ears, nose, and throat. This can confirm the presence of irritation and inflammation and rule out other underlying issues, like structural problems or blockages. 

Based on Dr. Kumra’s findings, she could move forward with testing for specific allergies. This step usually involves putting a small amount of a potential allergen on your skin and covering it with a bandage. After a set period of time, you check the area for signs of a reaction, an indication that you have an allergy.

What to expect from your allergy consultation

An allergic reaction means your immune system is overreacting to something harmless — like pollen, pet dander, or dust. You can even react to foods or certain medications, so an allergy consultation can help identify triggers you may not suspect.

After Dr. Kumra determines what’s causing your allergic reaction, she can create a personalized treatment strategy to manage your symptoms.

Common treatments for allergies include:

If you have severe allergies that cause swelling in the mouth or throat, Dr. Kumra could also suggest epinephrine shots to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening complications.

When to consider an allergy consultation

Allergies can make everyday life miserable. But that’s not the only reason to schedule an appointment with an expert like Dr. Kumra. Instead, she recommends booking an assessment with her if you have the following:

With Dr. Kumra’s skill and experience as a top ENT in New York City, you can rest easy knowing she can determine what’s behind your sinus symptoms — even allergies.

Ready to schedule an allergy consultation? Contact our office to book a visit with Vandana Kumra, MD, by calling 914-867-0399 today.

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